Forest Sauna

What can be better than looking out into nature from a nice hot sauna? This is not a phantasy in our house, it’s reality. The Waldsauna pavilion located just a few steps behind the hotel building is the special highlight of the new spa.



Zirben Sauna

Let yourself be enveloped by the dry heat of a classic Finnish sauna (about 90 ° C) and the scent of natural Zirben wood. The Swiss stone pinewood is known for its positive effects on the whole organism.



Oak sauna

When you prefer things a little cooler, this is the place for you. Take your place on massive oak wood at a temperature of around 60 to 65 ° C and enjoy the view through the panorama windows into the park.



Finnish sauna

The classic sauna variation - recommended not only by doctors - with a dry heat ranging from 80 to 90 ° C.



Bio sauna

The bio sauna with around 60 ° C is becoming increasingly popular. It is offered in our house with essential oils and light therapy.



Steam bath

With high humidity and a lower temperature of approx. 45°C, the steam bath is gentle on circulation and well tolerated for the respiratory tract.

Relax room

Theme rooms

The philosophy of our house, to be close connected to nature, has provided the inspiration for our theme rooms, as well. They provide a retreat to enjoy the tranquility of the spa area. Here you will find plenty of space for undisturbed relaxation. We take you to the Charterhouse, the Vienna Woods, and last but not least, to the habitat of water.

Charter house theme room

Theme room

Charter house

The Charterhouse monastery directly opposite the Schlosspark Mauerbach is one of the most important and most beautiful in Austria. The Charterhouse Mauerbach was founded in 1314 by Frederick the Beautiful. Enjoy the monastic silence of this simply kept room, where you can relax undisturbed by the outside world.

Ruheraum Wald

Theme room

Vienna woods

The Romans were frequent visitors in the Vienna Woods. They called the area „mons cetium“. It has served as a hunting reserve for the Babenbergers since the 11th century. The first Latin name „silva Viennensis“ was mentioned in documents in 1332. The Vienna Woods started to become a popular destination for tourists at the beginning of the 19th century.

This quiet room gives you the feeling of being on a mossy clearing surrounded by towering trees and tree tops. The surrounding park with biotope and small streams takes you out into nature - just as if you were traveling in the legendary Vienna Woods.


Theme room

Habitat water

Water is life. Water moves. Water transports, refreshes and renews all life. Water is the basis for our very being. A better description of the existence of the human soul can hardly be provided than a comparison with the shimmering surface of a river, which is never the same.

Water is the body‘s central elixir of life. It plays an irreplaceable role as the motor of bodily activity in nearly every part of our body. External water applications promote bodily well-being in many ways. Water can refresh as well as relax. A morning swim in the pool stimulates the circulation. Take a break and immerse yourself in the warm pool surrounded by nature, and let your gaze wander, relaxing body, mind and soul.



Ice lounge

Uniquely icy. At a cool 14-16°C you can cool off after an extensive sauna session in our Ice lounge. The cold stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system. Two ice fountains and a multimedia show ensure the right feeling of your "polar break" in the middle of the Vienna Woods.